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Achieving licensing goals in today’s market requires strategic thinking and tactical implementation. From finding the right deal to negotiating an optimal valuation and structure, we excel at closing deals in this complex and highly transformational environment, with an additional understanding of the subtle nuances that shape strategy and its implementation, including market factors, reimbursement, regulatory issues, and cultural settings.

We are a multidisciplinary consulting firm. Our services include:

We help launch your initiative by assisting with the creation of a clear and viable strategy. With years of experience in these arenas, we understand that each territory has its nuances, including market factors, regulatory issues, and cultural differences which impact optimal strategy and how it is executed. At MedCI, we help evaluate, refine, and implement a strategy that fits your unique situation and goals

Outreach materials set the stage for initial impressions and decisions from potential partners that are difficult to reverse. They showcase your company’s capability and your products’ commercial potential. We help develop clear and compelling marketing materials that convey pertinent information tailored to the audience’s level of understanding and expectations.

We have built relationships with potential partners over decades with whom we keep in frequent communication to stay up to date on evolving strategies and priorities. MedCI’s established relationships with potential partners greatly facilitates the business development process, allows a better grasp of the range of potential deals available, and is far better for deal execution than simply having a short meeting at a conference or cold-calling.

Strategic and effective communication, verbal and nonverbal, can be the difference between completing a deal and missing out on a potential opportunity. Communication becomes considerably more challenging when it involves different languages and cultures. We have multilingual, multicultural, cross-functional backgrounds. MedCI provides communication support and cultural insights during the entire business development process to prevent and quickly address miscommunication issues as they arise to maximize results.

Successful negotiations require courteous and constructive interactions that foster goodwill and result in a win-win deal for both parties. We have experience navigating the different negotiation styles inherent in different cultures and have successfully closed hundreds of transactions - from distribution to licensing to joint ventures.

Signing a contract may represent a significant milestone in your business plan, but it also means that the real work now begins. We offer comprehensive post-deal support that serves as the critical link to companies and newly formed partnerships. We help our clients to reach their goals efficiently, effectively, harmoniously, and in a timely fashion.

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